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"Business Card" sites are the simplest websites we offer. They have one page and one link (an email link). You are looking at the entire site! It is a great site for a start-up company or as a minimal web presence for an established company that doesn't need a large website. It can also be used as a "placeholder" page while a larger custom site is being designed. So much nicer than a "coming soon" message.

The site is a fixed 770px wide. It has a header area for your company name and/or logo at the top of page. The content area under the header has room for images up to 390px wide, as well as text and contact info.

Details and Pricing:

Design costs are about $80 for the first page, there are no additional pages with this site. Price includes web design, layout, image web prep and uploading only. Price assumes all images, logo and text will be supplied by the client as electronic files before design starts. Scanning, photography, image modification and content writing are available at our normal hourly rate.

Design Options:

  1. The header is the "letterhead" like section at the top of the page. This section is 770 pixels wide and up to 200 pixels tall. We can incorporate whatever graphics and colors you normally use for company logo or letterhead.
  2. The content area is where your images and text go. You can have up to 2 images (up to 390 pixels wide) on one side. The opposite side can have up to 120 words. This sample sites contains about 80 words. You can chose any background color or one of our seamless backgrounds.
  3. If you need addition options or custom work, this basic template site can be modified at our normal hourly rate.

Also consider our Custom Sites if you need a larger site or a more individualized layout. Custom sites have no picture count, word count or width restrictions. They can include flash animations, slide shows, zoom images and ecommerce capabilities.

Please contact us at 805-577-6914 or use our  .

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Example Two

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