Intermediate Digital Photography, Week Four
Framing for display, hot lights, background systems, still lifes and an intro to webpages
Conejo Valley Adult School

Matting and Framing

  • Dye based inkjet is temporary, Pigment based inkjet is archival, standard wet chemical photo paper is archival
  • Light has effect on archival
  • Chemicals, acid, has effect on archival
  • Mat board helps avoid glass to photo contact
  • Frame choices, metal are flexible and cheap
  • Hinge mounting, corner mounting, spray mounting
  • One good archival frame and mat supplier: http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/

framing supplies

Hot Lights as Option to Flash System

  • Flash has daylight (sunlight) white balance, Hot lights are typically the same white balance as tungsten (warmer, yellow-orange)
  • For best color, don't mix flash and hot lights.
  • Hardware store (Halogen Shop Lights) are great starter sets, and VERY cheap. Harder to use with umbrellas.

In Class Still Life Shoot and an intro to Fred Picker

  • Leading lines in still life images
  • Near far effect in still life images
  • Low contrast in still life images
  • High contrast in still life images

In Class Portrait Shoot, Studio and Environment Style and an intro to Robert Mapplethorpe

  • Leading lines in portraits
  • Low contrast portraits
  • High contrast portraits
  • Near far effect in portraits

Intro to Websites

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
  2. Select "Organize" mode in first screen
  3. If your catalog is empty, skip to step 4. If there are images in the default catalog: Go to Edit > Select All and then Edit > Delete Selected Items from Catalog. You should now have an empty catalog.
  4. Load your project images. Go to File > Get Photos and Videos > From Files and Folders. Navigate to the 8-1-site folder in Tom's file. Select all images in that folder. Make sure "Fix Red Eye" and "Suggest Photo Stack" are both un-checked. Hit "Get Media".
  5. The Adobe Elements Organizer window will open and show thumbnails of all imported images. Select all of the images you want in your slideshow (or select all).
  6. Select "Share" (upper right), then select "Online Album".
  7. Select "Create New Album" and then select "Export to Hard Drive". Hit "Next".
  8. In the next pallet select the top "Content" tab and then select "Album Category: None" and enter whatever "Album Name" you would like. Hit the top "Sharing" tab and enter a folder name/location on your hard drive. Hit "done".
  9. Upload folder to your webspace.

Introduction to custom sites and DreamWeaver

  • Allows custom (non template) site layout

Introduction to Webhosting and ISPs

  • For others to see your website you need to have it "hosted"
  • If you have web and email at home, you may already have free hosting available from your "Internet Service Provider"
  • Free hosting is available, but typically displays advertising with your site
  • Real good for as cheap as they are: http://.www.order.1and1.com
  • Great host, but no cheap: http://.www.mediatemple.net

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An Interesting Non CVAS option

Julie Dean Workshops in Hollywood, CA offers lots of short (typically 1 to 6 day) workshops. Often specialized classes, for example: Actor's Headshots, World of Commercial Photography, On Camera Flash, Using Multiple Flashes, Intro to Studio Lighting, Intro to Location Lighting, Wedding Photography, Street Shooting, DSLR Video Basics). Expensive http://www.juliadean.com/


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